COMPOSOGRAPH vinyl edition

Released by Rune Arkiv in collaboration with Arve Music
Cover Composograph RALP
RALP321 – Arve Henriksen: Composograph (LP)
PRICE: 179,00 NOK
LP – Limited white vinyl
PRICE: 229,00 NOK

The white vinyl edition is limited to 100 copies only.

Previously released by Henriksen himself as a digital album only, we quickly came to the conclusion that this is simply too fine an album to disappear in the digital domain, and that every fan should have the oportunity to own this gem as a proper album in a physical format.
RALP321 cover
Recorded at the same Rainbow Studio sessions, and with the same top musicians and legendary engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug, this can only be seen as a rightful twin companion to “The Nature Of Connections” from 2014. One can easily understand how Arve must have found it difficult to select tracks for “The Nature Of Connections”, leaving these on the shelf. “Composograph” is standing rock solid as a top notch Arve Henriksen album. Interestingly enough, the track “Gathering In Vågå” features Arve on rather brilliant, freeflowing saxophone (for the first time on record?). There are the typical folk music ties, courtesy of fiddlers Nils Økland and Gjermund Larsen, contemporary chamber jazz, nods to avant free music and atmospheric tone poems. All in all, twelve exquisite originals from one of the world´s leading trumpet players.

Release date 31.08.18


Salt Peanuts

Composograph (digital)

10th solo album

30 years as professional musician !

40 years as trumpet player !

50 anniversary!

Composograph Cover A.Henriksen
– a synthesis of wood, metal and electronics
This record is a result of a collaboration that toured in Norway in 2012. Recorded in Rainbow Studio in Oslo. The constellation performed music in the mix of traditional folk, jazz and contemporary music. The first record with this band, The Nature of Connections, was released on Rune Grammofon in 2014 and presented only the acoustic orchestration.

The music on this release contains sounds and ornaments from traditional Norwegian folk music, contemporary music, improvisation and field recorded sounds. This time the focus has been the combination of electronic sounds and the acoustic palette and how to merge this into a unique orchestration.

Presented and performed by excellent musicians.
Svante Henryson cello
Audun Kleive drums
Mats Eilertsen double bass
Gjermund Larsen violin and hardanger fiddle
Nils Økland violin, hardanger fiddle and viola d´amore
Arve Henriksen trumpets, saxophone, piano,
sounds and electronics
Anna Maria Friman additional hardanger fiddle track 11

Digital release available on:


To be released on vinyl 31st of August 2018 

Previous release with this constellation:

“The Nature of Connections” on Rune Grammofon 2014
The Nature of Connections

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Salt Peanuts


Ny plate med Kjartan Hatløy og Arve Henriksen vart presentert 8.desember. Denne gongen er det tekstar frå Kjøkkendikt samlinga (Oktober 2012). Dette blir blir kun ei digital utgjeving, altså ingen fysiske produkt i første omgong.
Tittel på plata er “NOKO DRIV PÅ”

New album with poetry by Kjartan Hatløy was released on the 8th of December.
Digital release (only) presenting poetry from “Kjøkkendikt” Kitchen Poetry (Oktober 2012) “NOKO DRIV PÅ” (“something is going on”) is the title of this second release presenting Hatløy´s unique universe of poetry in collaboration with the music by Henriksen.

Noko Driv Paa_Cover

Digitalt kjøp / streaming av musikken er mogleg gjennom iTunes og Amazon.

Kjem på Spotify i 2018. Available on Spotify in 2018.

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Kjartan Hatløy tekstlesing / reading poetry
Arve Henriksen trompet, stemme og elektronikk
Gjester / Guests:
Erlend Apneseth hardingfele / Hardanger fiddle
Anna Maria Friman stemme / voice
Booklet: Presenterer bilder av fotograf Oddleiv Apneseth

Radio intervju / interview with Kjartan Hatløy
NRK Sogn og Fjordane:

  • First audio release of this fantastic norwegian poet
  • First time collaboration between the two artists
  • New composed music for this setting
  • Featuring Anna Maria Friman (voice) and Erlend Apneseth (hardanger fiddle)
  • First release on Arve Music
  • CD can be ordered from Arve Maria Music :   info (at)

Digitalt kjøp/ streaming av musikken er mogleg gjennom iTunes, Amazon og Spotify

Now available digital download:  Download here

Bare Jazz  bare Jazz


Sogn og Fjordane:
Nærbutikken Hellestrand Erling Eikemo
Dale Bok og Leikar
Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum Førde
Stryn Bokhandel
Bunnpris i Olden

Møre og Romsdal:
Ivar Aasen-Tunet Hovdebygda

Apneseth og Hatløy kan kontaktast for kjøp i Bygstad og Sørbøvågen.

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JAZZNYTT Olav Opsvik:

Hatløy Henriksen Jazznytt.jpg

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Hatløy i Hyllestad:

to be released

Farfars Bibliotek with the poet Ola Skjenneberg and Arve Henriksen
Merimies Muistelee with kven-poetry by Alf Nilsen-Børsskog and Arve Henriksen
Ellivan (re-release digital)  poetry by Elling Vanberg and Arve Henriksen

Photo Book / + digital solo release tba
Book about Rolv Lorentz Muri  including cd “Utvegen innover”- “Muri and beyond”
Music by Helge Sunde and Arve Henriksen tba