Soon to be released

Additional musicians:
Anders Jormin           double bass track 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17,
Jan Heinke                steelcello, windharp track 12, 14, 18, 
Catalina Vicens         organetto track 12, 17, 20
Jacob Heringman      renaissance lute track 12
Eivind Aarset             guitarloop track 3
Anna Maria Friman   hardanger fiddle track 6

Recorded, mixed and produced by Arve Henriksen 2017-2020
Composed by Arve Henriksen in collaboration with the musicians
Text read by Alf Nilsen-Børsskog and recorded by 
used with kind permission by Iđut

Mastering by Helge Sten Audio Virus Lab
Alf Nilsen-Børsskog´s poetry «Merimies muistelee» earlier released by Iđut (2015)
as poetry book and audio book ISBN 978-82-7601-233-0  
Coverdesign Rune Mortensen
Photos by Oddleiv Apneseth

Norwegian translations by Tove Reibo and Lasse Davidsen
Haltiin kväänisentteri – Halti kvenkultursenter IKS 2021
Proof reading by Merethe Eidstø Kainun institutti – Kvensk institutt 2021

English translations by Andrew Smith
     CD (80 minutes) Poetry and photobook (66 pages) 

AM006 2021