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Release 20th of September

Merimies muistelee” presenting kven-poetry by Alf Nilsen-Børsskog. Music by Arve Henriksen. Featuring the artists Catalina Vicens, Anna Maria Friman, Anders Jormin, Jan Heinke, Jacob Heringman and Eivind Aarset.  English translations by Andrew Smith. Photos by Oddleiv Apneseth. Design by Rune Mortensen. This production in collaboration with Halti Kvenkultursenter. Book and CD to be released 20th of September 2021.

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CD (80 min) and poetry / photobook (66 pages)

“Murimorphosis Part I” Music by Arve Henriksen. Digital release inspired by artwork of the painter Rolv Lorentz Muri. The release to be launched in December will also celebrate the 100 years anniversary of Muri´s birth. The book written by Ove Eide about Muri to be postponed until Fall 2022. “Murimorphosis Part II” will be presented then as well. The book release in collaboration with SeljaForlag. More info about Rolv Lorentz Muri here; new website under construction:

Photo Book + digital solo release tba
Ellivan (re-release digital) poetry by Elling Vanberg and Arve Henriksen tba