Jan Heinke – steel cello, electronics

Arve Henriksen – trumpet, keys, electronics

Demian Kappenstein – percussion, sampler

Cover: Frank Lippold Foto: Herbert Boswank

Jan Heinke, Arve Henriksen and Demian Kappenstein started working together after several individual colaborations as a trio in 2018. A series of concerts at the radiobroadcast station Funkhaus Berlin, UT Connewitz Leipzig as well as the Jazzclub Tonne Dresden was followed by a recording session in Demians studio in 2019.  After the sudden passing of Jan Heinke in April 2022 Arve and Demian released the MURMURATIO EP as a single piece limited edition of 63 as intended when Jan was still with them. The 63 tape covers can be put together to result in an artpiece by Jan’s friend Frank Lippold.

The profit of the tapes will be donated to keep Jan Heinke’s website available in the future.

Please note: Few tapes left. Download still available.

Author: Arve Henriksen


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